Namaste, Dr. V! He restored eyesight for the most marginalised

The incredible story of a boy who took buffaloes out for grazing at the crack of dawn every day. He wore shoes for the first time when he entered medical college as a student. Just before specialization he developed a disease that left his fingers and toes twisted and gnarled. He beat deformity to become a skilled eye surgeon & vowed to work towards eradicating needless blindness. Inspired by the efficiency of Mc Donald’s, Dr. V created a low cost, high impact model of eye care, firmly rooted in the strength of local communities. Enriched with illustrations, cultural references, nuggets, map & timeline. Inspires global citizenship and a growth mindset.

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  • Details
  • Author: Sunanda Verma
  • Year: 2018
  • Publisher: The Indologist
  • ISBN: 978-9814782234