Namaste, Baba Ramdev! He made billions think & act on health

This is the engrossing story of a boy born in rural India to an illiterate, poor family. Ramdev ran away from home to learn Sanskrit and Yoga. After years of learning, he taught people to cure themselves naturally through breathing and easy to follow Yogic exercises. A voice against corruption, Ramdev launched a company to provide locally produced healthy and low-cost alternatives to products of multinational companies sold at huge profit margins. Enriched with illustrations, cultural references, nuggets, map and timeline. Namaste,Baba Ramdev! enthuses readers across ages, geographies & cultures. Inspires global citizenship and a growth mindset.

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  • Details
  • Author: Sunanda Verma
  • Year: 2018
  • Publisher: The Indologist
  • ISBN: 978-9814782203